We are actively creating a new revamped delicious keto menu for all of our customers to enjoy.

3uilt is here to bring you fresh, fun, delicious and innovative dishes for you and your friends to savor. We use the freshest and tastiest ingredients in the PNW. Every weekend the 3uilt team designs something new so check in here for the weekly specials. Specials typically start on Friday and end Sundays. Due to specials requiring specific ingredients that we don't normally use we may run out before Sunday, so be sure to make it in before it's too late!

Most Recent Special

Keto R&D


 Cauliflower “crust”, Beechers white cheddar, pesto, marinated grilled chicken, bacon, Mama Lils peppers, topped with avocado and giardiniera!  

Previous Specials


Keto Breakfast for Dinner

2 egg bites on a bed of dressed arugula topped with bacon and goat cheese and black salt served with half an avocado, pickled brussel sprouts, pickled snap peas, cornichons, and a bag of olives from Sicily. 


Keto Salad

Grilled chicken breast, cashews, tomato cucumber, bacon, goat cheese, arugula, mixed greens, topped with half an avocado & Maldon salt - tossed with oil & vinegar. 


Keto Radish Bites


Prawn Salad

 Poached Mexican blue prawns paired with savory grilled chicken served on fresh greens tossed in our house-made pistachio & avocado dressing topped with sauteed asparagus and romanesco!